replica handbags Prada Cahier Bag

replica handbags Prada Cahier Bag —Prada Astrology Embellished Velvet Shoulder Bag 1BH018-Black

replica handbags Prada Cahier Bag
replica handbags Prada Cahier Bag

Closure:a flip-over flap featuring a u-shaped center that slides into the loop trim in front.
Dust Bags:Prada authenticity and Prada dustbag.
Exterior:Cowhide leather exterior,a striking color and an even more stunning design,make this clutch an instant attraction.
Hardware:polished brass trimmings.
Interior:Leather lining.
Material:Cowhide leather.
Pockets:One open flat pocket.
Product Name:Prada Astrology Embellished Velvet Shoulder Bag 1BH018.
Shipping Size:Large.
Strap:An adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.
Trimmings:Leather trimmings.

looks elegant but also looks sturdy from the outside.And more beautiful with the Astrology design thanks to its leather and bronze hardware ensemble.

Structured velvet bag with astrology-inspired motif.
Adjustable shoulder strap.And then Snap flap closure. Bronze hardware.
Two inside open pockets.And then Leather lining.

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