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After the FireWire joins the Rockets, Farid should play today. The Rockets have a battle with the 76ers. The upgraded version of the replica handbags chanel top handle internal attack can fill the Capella vacancy.

Farid has averaged 11.3 points and 8.1 replica handbags chanel top handle rebounds per game, giving him time to play. He can contribute to the offensive end with his explosive physical fitness.

Like Capella, Farid is very good at using replica handbags chanel top handle vertical space. His offense is dominated by off-ball offense and is also an excellent eating man.

This season, Farid played limited time in the Nets, but he participated in 12 attacks as a pick-and-roll cover, still 6 of 8 shots, replica handbags chanel top handle the top efficiency league.

Last season, Farid participated in 23 replica handbags chanel top handle attacks on the Nuggets as a pick-and-roll cover, with 13 of 21 shots.

Although Farid didn’t have a range, he only had 3 of 25 career 3-pointers. He didn’t even have a mid-range range, but as a substitute for Capella, as long as he did a pick-and-roll, he made full use of what James Harden had made for him. Empty opportunity.

In the transformation of the offense to play his own physical advantage, he even completed the offensive task. The data shows that since the 2013-14 season, Farid has completed 151 empty shots, ranking 20th in the league.

In contrast, Nene has only completed 16 empty shots in the same period. Farid will also help the Rockets in the offensive rebounds, replica handbags chanel top handle after Capella fell.

The Rockets’ offensive rebound rate dropped from 28.2% to 26.7%, and in Farid’s career, his offensive rebound rate was ranked in the top 10 in the league three times.

His career-leading 13.8% offensive rebound rate ranked sixth in the last 10 years for at least 5,000 minutes, only two points behind Capella, and whether he can be reused depends on defense.

After Capella’s injury, Mike D’Antoni did not reuse the other three healthy centers. The Rockets played a total of 154 minutes in three games (the Nets and the Lakers played extra time), Nene, Marquez Si-Chris,