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replica handbag fendi
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Material:Cowhide leather.
Product Name:Fendi By The Way Bag 8BL1358 Black.
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Xireilijiang was absent from the game due to injury. In this game, Guangzhou team general Xireilijiang missed the game due replica handbag fendi to the contusion of the index finger.

As the team’s domestic scorer, West Heat River can average 13 points per game, and his absence has also caused a lot of replica handbag fendi losses for the Guangzhou team.

Liaoning reappeared in the last quarter of the wave, knowing that the Liaoning team in the second half could not afford it. The Liaoning team once again staged a wave of good performances, which was slightly behind in the half.

In the third quarter, 32-21 wins 11 points and regains the lead. In the fourth quarter, a 13-0 climax is played and the replica handbag fendi difference is opened to 15 points.

Guo Ailun Gao Shiyan and many other counterattacks broke the layup and made the victory in one fell swoop. Fogg slashed 48 replica handbag fendi points and was difficult to stop losing.

Guangzhou team’s small foreign aid Foge played well in this game. The game made 14 of 30 shots, scored 48 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists in 6-for-13 shooting. The first half and the second scored 24 points.

In the end, Fuge’s physical strength was exhausted, and the Liaoning team repeatedly played the conversion attack. In the replica handbag fendi end, it was difficult to stop the team from losing. Fergu also cut 48 points.

Hudson scored only 6 points in the downturn. In the game that just ended, Hudson was in a bad state. He made 3 of 14 shots replica handbag fendi and made 0 of 9 3-pointers.

Only got 6 points, especially in the first half of the 7-for-1 shooting, only got 2 points, three-pointers missed six replica handbag fendi shots, the game reviewed.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Guo Ailun used the free throw to score the first point for Liaoning. Then Fogg hit two consecutive three-pointers and Guangzhou opened 6-1.

Guo Kai and Gao Shiyan are coming and going, and scored in the paint. Han Dejun’s back was strong, and the first quarter was over half, Guangzhou 9-8 Liaoning.

Fogg immediately scored 3+1 with color, and then assisted the basket Zhang Yongpeng on the basket, Guangzhou played a wave of 9-2 small climax.

Liu Zhixuan and Guo Ailun hit a three-pointer and Zhang Yongpeng made a layup. Yan Mingxin scored three points and the first quarter ended. Guangzhou 20-14 led Liaoning.